JAY SPEARS - Boy Howdy - I Like Mike - Playin' On My Team


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Want stills from the SMAK video?  Try this.

Glutton for punishment?
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Yep, this was me at ultra-exclusive Mossy Fossil Studios in Los Angeles, working on PLAYIN' ON MY TEAM. Every now and again, ace celebrity photographer George Alex dropped by to snap a few frames. Enjoy! -- Jay

Here's me desperately trying to learn a guitar part before the "record" light comes on.

Beefin' it up by the pool.

My favorite spot in the whole studio.

On break for a photo-op.

Strummin' in the sun.

More of the same.

Listening to a rough mix.

Layin' down some scratch vocals.

Givin' the paparazzi the eye.

This is what I would look like on Uranus.

Okay I think I'm gonna be carsick.

I hope you like PLAYIN' ON MY TEAM!