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We Are All Born Lucky

A fab We Are All Born Lucky Review: read it and weep....
Listeners effervesce effusively over
psst! wanna buy Born Lucky? yeah ya do.

I want you to know how much I am enjoying We Are All Born Lucky – and so is my spouse.  The songs are all over the place: sad and happy, hopeful and frightening, ironic and sentimental.  Even your voice, as recognizable as it is, changes quality from song to song.  And the great variety of support musicians of high quality, who really get what you are doing, makes for a great album: no two songs have the same orchestration, the same sound atmosphere.
“This is perfect music for when we are driving about.  It’s beautiful, it’s funny and sad, it has lots of energy, the musicians are on top of their art, and Jay couldn’t be more authentic a fellow than he is.” -- ROB S., NH

I am loving the new cd...it's the perfect length for my ride into work. Such great tunes...such happy and optimistic (and twisted) themes.  I hope you don't mind, but during the next couple of weeks I am going to be raving over this one on Facebook. City Of Angels is probably my fave tune ... Thanks for the great hymn to a lovely, beguiling city.  And you are correct, we ARE born lucky - but most of us don't realize that. Rock On, Jay! -- PR, NJ
The standout track this time is the jitterbuggy Meat, a swingin' smile-inducin' celebration of all edible muscles (not to put too fine a point on it).  Don't miss the irony that Spears' plainspoken atheism on Guy In The Sky comes packaged in the liberally-borrowed tone of "16 Tons" — a big hit in the 60s for Tennessee Ernie Ford, a singer associated just as much with his many christian music releases as his country novelty songs.
I really LOVE the four interior photos on the sleeve: the trio of the inner gatefold, and the LOVE ME wall. -- BILL S., NJ
Absolutely GREAT! Mr. Spears, if I wrote music, THAT'S what I'd want it to sound like. -- WTS, Los Angeles
Your new song Our Love made me choke up... You are a man of great depth and feeling hiding behind your mask of humor... That is a great song. Not that the funny ones aren't great... YOU are a special person, Jay. -- JOBEY, San Pedro CA
Your new album rocks; it's really terrific.  Great tunes -- great lyrics.  Well done, amigo.  --  MIKE

Playin' On My Team

Listeners incontinently gush over PLAYIN' ON MY TEAM: psst! wanna buy Playin' On My Team? yeah ya do.

Playin' On My Team's harmonies blend with good spirits to remind me of what made The Turtles' music memorable. -- BILL STELLA, Highest Common Denominator

Contact Ringo Starr's management -- Jay's I Will Always Love You should be in his repertoire. -- BILL STELLA

Swept Away describes a swimming accident on a camping trip, and yields a nice goose-bumps moment when you realise that Spears is actually talking about something else: sex is a force of nature and it's bigger than us. -- ROBERT FARRAR, www.psychodrome.co.uk

"Playin'"s standout track is Drive Time: it brilliantly takes on the Hell that is heavy traffic. -- BILL STELLA

On Who Is This Guy? Spears allows himself to be a poet. The result is mature and authentic, reminiscent of Bob Dylan's Desire. -- ROBERT FARRAR

Hey Arnie lovingly rips off the banjo intro from Herman's Hermits' "Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter", reviving its skiffle style. -- BILL STELLA

My Belinda is the heart-warming sound of a pouf and a dyke whining simultaneously, and in harmony. -- ROBERT FARRAR

I'm singing Sean, Sean EVERYWHERE and when people ask me what am I singing i just put my iPod in their face and say this is the song and this is the man. -- ERLIN, NY

Believe it or not, Jay and the guys pull off a version of My Boyfriend's Back that gives the Angels a run for their money. -- GEORGE

Jay Spears has a habit of infusing his tunes with a wink and a smile, such as in Cheapskate. -- GREGG SHAPIRO, Chicago Free Press

Smak Dem Christians Down: an instant gay lib classic. -- ROBERT FARRAR
If Jay Spears were taken from us tomorrow, the Bougainvillea Waltz would be his monument. It's a moment of madness, pleasure and vulnerability. -- ROBERT FARRAR

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Boy Howdy

Listeners rave hysterically over BOY HOWDY: psst! wanna buy Boy Howdy? yeah ya do.

There's SO much wicked cool guitar work all over the damned thing -- right from the opening bars of My Ray. -- BRAD

Nothin' is a well written tune that stays with me. Love the saxes. -- RICHARD

[I'm Gonna Fall In Love] A happy song - the greatest thing in the world is to fall in love. -- MIKE

Positive is one of the finest songs about the stickiness of status disclosure yet written. -- JASON SERINUS, New York Blade

[I Like Mike] Great beat, sharp lyrics. That Mike fellow sounds like a great guy. -- MIKE

Oh Hell and Dismissed are sharp and witty, worthy of Barenaked Ladies or They Might Be Giants. -- OTTO

You Will Love Again is a masterpiece. Wonderfully theatrical. -- RICHARD

Cryin' Over Brian follows the path of a heartbreaking heartthrob right to Jay's bed. -- JASON ROUSH, Boston Bay Windows

Lullaby For Bea is the one that breaks my heart and mends it at the same time. -- RICHARD

Oh Hell and Dismissed are sharp and witty, worthy of Barenaked Ladies or They Might Be Giants. -- OTTO

I played House On Fire for John [her boyfriend] last night he said "Jeez, if he can get this into circulation he'll make a fortune!" -- LESLIE