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Bougainvillea Waltz

Got nectar?

Jay, I saw your video of "I Like Mike" at the Toronto Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. It made me feel very good. It's a great tune, and it's kind of radical in its charm. Most takes on gay love rely on sex and/or pushing the boundaries of conventional morality much more (overworked unto tedium). Your video is so good-natured, proud and fun that it's really a delight - and I don't get to use that word too often. Good on you. Phil, Toronto

Love it.  Fits perfectly with the song, Busby Berkeley number, swing dancing (or was that the "Lindy Hop") and all. And how often do you get to towel down a hunky ballplayer?  Wait, don't answer that.  Can't take the heat as it is. Brian

I Like Mike was in a set of shorts titled "Boy-O-Rama". It's a shorts screen that they do every year by tradition ... and they're all "boy" films.
The only real hit in the series was I Like Mike. Everyone got it, everyone liked it, and it was truly the only film in the series that got cheers and rousing applause at the end. The audience really liked it and cheered for it; it got laughs in the right places.
And from going to so many screens, I've learned there's 3 kinds of applause. There's the polite-but-required applause because someone from the film is in the theatre. Then there's the less enthusiastic clap-clap kind of applause, and you're not sure if the audience is being polite, or if they're just celebrating their freedom from watching this flick and they're appreciative that no more of their life will be wasted watching this film, and they're applauding the fact that its finally done. But there's also the genuine this-was-a-good-film spontaneous we-really-liked-it kind of applause. And that's the kind that I Like Mike got. Truly.
I've talked with other folks who attended either of the screenings of Boy-O-Rama (we went to the second screening last Tuesday night) and everyone says the same thing: The series sucked overall, and that I Like Mike was the only good and memorable one in the bunch. So they're talking about it! :) Hope things are well. You look quite fetching on the big screen in your white t-shirt.
Woofs & BearHugZ! Jack, Austin TX

Reel Pride Michigan, the state's largest GLBT film festival
I am happy to inform you that your film, I Like Mike, won best male short in our festival! Congratulations!!!!!
The festival was a huge success, and we thank you for being a part of it. I hope you have received your tape back safely, and thank you for sending on the Beta version.  Everyone loved the film, and I look forward to your next one. Again, congratulations and thank you for participating in Reel Pride Michigan.
Best, Stephanie, Festival Producer
Triangle Foundation 19641 W Seven Mile Road Detroit, MI 48219

Dear Jay, Where has this sexy, talented musician with the quirky, offbeat style (who is just incidentally gay) been all my life?  Your music is fresh and new.  It is musically and lyrically innovative while evoking several other classic musical styles.  You have hit this one out of the ballpark just like Mike!  I am expecting more of your pithy, groovy sounding tunes in the future. Your surprisingly pleased fan, Brian

Hi Jay, i have seen your video on heavy rotation on Logo over the past few days and i am so pleased to see you and other artists getting a chance to have their work seen by a larger public. (it is also nice to see work from a gay singer-songwriter that is not techno or showtunes.)

The video and song are great because it is both tongue-in-cheek and really direct. That beat and that sax riff are infectious! Take care and congratulations...what a cool and unique song. i cannot wait to hear more. &endash; Christian

You've made a fan, you tune spinnin' man...
Mr. Spears, Had the absolute pleasure to discover your talented cuteness this weekend when LOGO (bless 'em!) unspooled your embarrassingly catchy "I Like Mike" video. What can I say, I want to know more! Add me to your mailing list and let the worshipping from afar commence (Speaking of which, when are you planning a gig in Manhattan? Don't be coy. I guarantee you've captured the heart of many a New York lad --myself included-- this weekend...)
Best of luck! -- Todd in Manhattan

I'm sure you're getting this a lot, but I've been catching your "I Like Mike" video on Logo, and it's awesome!  Nice to see some gay male singers that aren't, well, like Erasure. (Don't get me wrong, I like them a lot, but it's good to see other portrayals of what gay men are like rather than... someone who comes in on a swan at the beginning of his live show, as the concert they're airing has).  In fact, get Logo to show one of your concerts on the network, and please don't enter in a swan!
Thanks for the good music and cute guys.  Looking forward to getting your CD. -- Gregg

I just got Logo last week and absolutely love your "I Like Mike" video.  What a terrific video!!  I really feel sorry for all the people who aren't getting Logo right now.  I live in a semi-rural and very conservative area in southern New Mexico so if I can get it here then I have hope for every area (I'm from OC originally, lived there my whole life, & in downtown LA for 4 years). 
And of course I hope they will be playing more of your videos as well. -- Preston

Hi Jay, Thank You! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be hearing music celebrating who we are on television. I just turned 52, came out in 1975, who woulda thought! Any dates set for appearing in the Seattle area? Thank you again, Steve

Saw your video and you looked (and sounded) great.  One thing, though- why weren't you in the shower, too?  For your next video, flash us a little of yourself (or better yet, do the entire video with your shirt off!). -- Charles 

Jay, I saw "I Like Mike" on LOGO this week and loved it. Having seen it, I went to iTunes and downloaded the whole album. Keep up the great writing and performing. -- Stephen

Hi jay, just wanted to say I loved your song I LIKE MIKE, it was very funny and refreshing to hear, thank you, I heard the song the first time on the new channel LOGO, I plan on buying the CD very soon, you have a new fan here in middle Georgia. My best wishes to you -- Doug

Members who attended the January "Brunch and a Movie" were treated with a special viewing of a music video by Jay Spears (no relation to Britney). This was not just your regular run-of-the-mill music video. This one featured the L.A. Batboys singing backup to his own personal anthem to his favorite catcher on the team, "I Like Mike!"
The song itself is boppy and catchy, and it's unmistakable he's singing about his crush on the muscle-bound, ex-tobacco-chewing man's man. It's so fun to listen to, you'll be humming it for days. The video images are fun too - it's almost a tease to watch, and there's enough eye candy to keep you wanting to watch it again and again. Heck, the Ursamen must have played it at least a half dozen times before the main feature.
The swing-dancing ball players and shower scene are not to be missed. A pig-pile and a little well-placed ass-grabbing are a hoot to boot.
Undoubtedly, the best part of the video is the woofy hunk-o-bear who plays "Mike", he's a stocky, well built, goateed catcher, and we all know about stocky, well built, goateed catchers. Sorry to say, but "Mike" gives #33 a run for his money. For those of you not in the know, #33 is Jason Varitek's number, and unlike him, Mike is gay, and Jay wants the world to know about him.
Rumor has it, the real Mike has long since moved away, however, the Batboy named Rob who played him in the video fit the bill and really should have his own fan club! Sorry Jay, I'm weak-kneed here!
You can catch "I Like Mike" on the new LOGO network where it's currently in heavy rotation. If you don't get LOGO, you can order yourself a copy on DVD from Spears' website, www.jayspears.com. You can also download it for free with the purchase of his CD entitled "Boy Howdy". It really is a must-have for any gay fans of pop, handsome men, or baseball. Truly a gem, and I give it five out of five stars! Move over Jason Varitek - Make Way for Mike

Have already watched Bougainvillea Waltz twice, I love it. You have an amazing talent, but you also seem to be having so much fun in the videos it's a pleasure to watch. The shirtless shots don't hurt either. You got it big guy, and thanks for sharing it.....
Yet Another Adoring Fan, Charlie

It's time to let you know that the song is now my favorite. The images and editing are a delight and the addition of the accordion gives the song a sexy melancholy that grabs you from behind and nibbles on your ear. All the best. Mike

On my CD of Boy Howdy, 11 songs are listed on the jacket--last one being House On Fire. But there is a 12th--about bougainvilleas. To me, this 12th cut is about the most erotic and sensual thing I've ever heard. "..and the nectar runs down my chest..", your boyish laugh and the "deep, deep, deep....red...". Oh my God! Please tell me what the title of this gorgeous piece is! -- Greg in Chicago

Thanks for the free look at the Bougainvillea Waltz video. I have to admit that this song was not my favorite of all the great songs on Boy Howdy but this video changed my mind completely. I really love this song now and the images are so beautiful and scary I am ordering the DVD today. I wasn't quite ready for the blood/juice-drenched shirt scene but my partner told me to try to remember - it's only a movie. Really beautiful final shot of you on the bike.
There will no doubt be lots of papers written about this video by intense film students. "Mr Spears invokes the haunting imagery of a young Yukio Mishima as he smashes through the fourth wall and takes a metaphorical but nonetheless erotic bite out of the shocked viewer who is unable to look away. His audience is thus left in a state of quivering homo-erotic expectation."  Others will try to make the case that it's just grape juice concentrate drenching Jay's shirt. 
Anyway I loved the video and I can't wait for the second CD.
Cheers, Mike

Congratulations on the new video! I've already sent in my request for LOGO to add it to their regular line up (along with restoring the wonderful I LIKE MIKE to the airwaves). Hey, anything to see you with your shirt off...
Todd, A big fan in NYC

I have to say I love both versions of Bougainvillea Waltz but seeing you on the video with the addition of the accordion is my favorite. But a video with you shirtless, you could be reciting the alphabet and would sell thousands, and i personally know five men who would trade their right nut to take the dogs place in the video.
Keep the music coming Charlie

Hola 'mano, Felicidad. "Bougainvillea Waltz" is wonderful, fun y muy romantico.
Congrats y Gracias muchas, Hache

Hey Jay, We got the video for Bougainvillea Waltz and I gotta say that I like it with the squeeze box added!  This song has become one that the kids love to sing in the car...especially the low low low part of deep deep deep red.  :-)

Congrats on the new video! **** (4 stars) The Bougainvillea Waltz is a wonderfully quirky choice for your second video. It was smart to do something so different from I LIKE MIKE. And I like how you mixed the accordion.
Quel jolie musique! Dadou

Just wanted to drop you a line to ask if they're going to start playing Bougainvillea Waltz on Logo. I agree about seeing you with your shirt off. Woof! You are so cute and so hot at the same time. My partner of 21 years would smack me over the head if he found out I said that to you in an email. But he's not here right now, so, woof! Keep it coming buddy. You're great to look at and fun to listen to!
Steve, Brooklyn, NY

Thanks much for the link to the BOUG video. It sounded downright surreal as the bonus track on the album, but the video certainly cleared up a lot of things...I think!
It takes a lot of ballz to straddle that fine line between "gettin' yer phreak on" and the just plain FREAKY, but BOUG manages to do that quite well! Loved the shirtless shots, and I kept wishing the camera would pan lower and show you wearing a lot less...OOPS...did I just say that out loud? =sheepish grin= But I guess that's a different kind of video all together...
But I like the mood swings the song goes through, exactly like that first blush of love and lust in any relationship...It's funny, scary, dreamy, horny, terrifying and terrific all at once, so thanks for getting that part right!
Sure lookin' forward to the next CD!
Sam G.