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See Jay perform LIVE in the flesh...!

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Hear Jay live!
Thanks for tuning in to our July Americana Concert webcast! Land o' the Free! Home o' the Brave!

Born Lucky Live!

LOVE WINS!! Thanks to all who tuned in to our fab June "Pride Month" webcast. Taste the rainbow!!

Born Lucky LIVE!

Orange you glad you tuned in to our May webcast? We sure are!

Born Lucky LIVE!

Our April Show on Stageit was so fab! Thanks for tuning in!

Born Lucky LIVE!

Our "Pi Day" webcast on Facebook Live was delicious and nutritious! Thanks for coming!

Born Lucky LIVE!

Merci beaucoup to all our amis who came out for our Mardi Gras Malarky webcast! Laissez le bon temps rouler!!!

Born Lucky Quartet!

Thanks and thanks again to everyone who showed up for our Jan. 30th webcast!

Born Lucky Quartet!

Our BORN LUCKY PREMIER Webcast concert was a blast-a-rama! We're so sad it's over....

Born Lucky Quartet!

BORN LUCKY QUARTET: with Annie Combs-Brookes, Martin Brookes, and James Mitchell

Born Lucky

It was a thrill and an honor to play for the Baseball Reliquary
at their annual meeting this July at Pasadena Central Library!

Thanks to all my New England peeps who came out to Pontine Theatre in Portsmouth, NH!

Jay Gigs Again!

THANKS to all and sundry who came out to Palladino's!

Jay at Palladino's

BIG FAT THANKS to everyone who came out to Corky's!

Jay plays Corky's!

Merci merci beaucoup to everyone who made my
Brussels house concert a memory I'll cherish
forever. Hosts Enzo and Russell were above and
beyond fabulous. Thank you!!!
Jay plays Brussels!

House Concert in Brussels 4-13

THANKS AND THEN SOME to everyone who came out to hear me at Bar Lubitsch!

Come hear Jay @ Bar Lubitsch in WeHo, 8:30 $8 21+


Hear my July 14th interview on OutBeat Radio: click here.
They play Born Lucky, do 10 min of news, 2 more songs from the album, then I come on. Enjoy!

Then I was on IMRU, "The nation’s longest running LGBT Radio News Magazine. Out Loud and Proud since 1974." Hosted by the ultra-fab Chris Wilson.

Click here to listen -- scroll down to the July 22nd IMRU show; I come in half-way through.

Cheers, dudes!

THANKS TO EVERYONE who came out for my Grand & Groovy Genghis Gig.
You'll be informed when the next one comes up.

Jay Spears @ Genghis Cohen 5-13 7:30

Here's Annie & me with special guest stars Todd Thurston, who happens to be in L.A. appearing in
La Cage Au Folles at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood, and Patrick Doolin, also from NYC,
as we yuk it up after recording the vocals for new song I Abide:

Recording I ABIDE

Here's my ol' pal vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Paul Hobbs & me in the studio last month,
workin' hard for you on a new song called Victory Day:


Here's me and my one-and-only kick-ass drummer Doug Smith after doing the drums
for new song Victory Day:

Jay & Doug

Here's me and owner/engineer Patrick Doolin of exclusive Mossy Fossil Studios in L.A.
after doing some post-production on my new song, Victory Day:

Jay & Doolin

•  •  •

Thanks to everyone who came to the
Santa Maria Inn, Santa Maria CA
Friday July 16th, 8:00 pm
with Paul Hobbs and Richard Green

•  •  •

And thanks again to everyone who came to the
at Jon and Claude's in Santa Barbara

Jay plays a house concert in Santa Barbara.

THANKS to everyone who came out to see me at CLEOCHELLA:


Thanks to everyone who came out to see me &
AUSTIN WILLIAMS at Kings Road Cafe.
We had a grand time and we hope you did too.  Stay tuned for more local gigs here in L.A.

We got yer SMAK VIDEO -- all over the country.... that wacky Smak vid has over 70,000 views on youtube.

San Fernando Valley International Film Festival: Your video rocks, man.  Our board sat there watching it, and were laughing our asses off.  And one of our board said, "You know, we have to show that video, just for the pure fun of shocking the evangelicals that may show up!"

Dear Jay: Congratulations! Your film “Smack Dem Christians Down” has been chosen as an official selection of the 21st Annual Dallas Video Festival, to be held November 6th to 9th at the Angelika Film Center.  With countless competitive entries, your work stands out.

Dear Jay Spears,  Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that your entry, SMACK DEM CHRISTIANS DOWN, has been selected for programming in The 27th Chicago Lesbian & Gay International Film Festival, the second oldest LGBT film festival in the world! We appreciate that you entered our festival and look forward to having the opportunity to showcase your work in Chicago.

Remington's!D.C. ShortsBig-time THANKS to everyone who came to my gig at Remington's in Washington D.C., and who saw my SMAK video at the DC SHORTS Film Festival.


the Hollywood ImprovTHANKS to everyone who came to my gig at THE IMPROV. More like that comin' up so get on my guest list. There is a $13.00 cover BUT I can put anyone on the "guest list"  that I want. So e-mail me if you plan to attend, I'll put your name on my "guest list", and your admission will be FWEEEEE.
A big fat thank you to everyone who saw me in Nashville and Asheville S.C.
What a great trip and a fun time that was!  Want me to come to your town?  I'm easy!  E-mail me!


Meanwhile, back in the past...

Click here for a pic of me and Tom Robinson rockin' the Knitting Factory in NYC.

And from some live listeners:

Hey there Jay.  Doug here. I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how great I thought you were.  Your lyrics are simultaneously hysterically funny and poignant, a tough feat to pull off.  Plus you're just such a likeable presence onstage. I wish I'd had a chance to hang out longer at the Library. Glad to meet you and I'm sure we'll cross paths again soon. Take care. D

Hey Jay, Great gig at the Pig n' Whistle!  Your live show was, like your CDs, witty and tuneful, highly entertaining no matter what team you're playin' on.  When you sang with such humor and heart about relationships, everyone in the audience--straight, gay, or bi--could relate. Rob, Los Angeles, California

Dear Jay, I listened to your CD, and I gotta say it was awesome.  I really liked your songs last night at the Pig 'N Whistle. It was refreshing to hear another gay folk singing kind of voice out there...I've yet to encounter many others! 'm sure I'll see you at future shows. In the meantime, great work! Sincerely, Jonathan

It was wonderful to see you in person - love your stuff - great wit and attitude. Hope you enjoyed the darker side of Denver for an evening! L

Thanks for coming to Denver, Jay! You are a consumate entertainer and you stuck around for hours after your set, you are a real gentleman. I hope you enjoyed yourself and will come by and say hi at the Merc next time you are in Denver. Thanks again, Nathan